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The Buy To Let Accountant

We are a specialist Accounting practice with expertise in rental, buy to let and property management.


With over 100 years of collective experience in the industry The Buy To Let Accountants can help you to control your taxation.


Take a look at some of our services...

Personal tax returns including rental accounting

This service would include full personal tax return completion inclusive of rental accounting ‘Profit and loss’.


Standard tax return fees start from £100 + VAT and each rental property accounted for starts from £80 + VAT.

Strategic advice and guidance

We offer an initial FREE meeting


Thereafter any strategy and fees would be quoted for on a bespoke basis to ensure that you never pay more than you should do.

Rental Accounting

When renting your property there are a number of ways you can control the end tax liability, these are changing from April 2020, but the opportunity to reduce taxation is still there.


The Buy To Let Accountants can help with Personal Tax returns, rental property accounts and strategic advice.

Property management company

In the event you own properties as an individual, but have the management of the property completed by you or someone else, you can consider creating a management company to charge you as an individual for the management services.


This removes some of the profit that you may have shown in your personal tax return and holds this within a company environment.

Special purpose vehicle (SPV) accounting

Many clients we speak with are moving away from personally owned property and creating a new Limited company to house future property acquisitions.


The Buy To Let Accountants can help you to create a new SPV, and provide the accounting services to assist with the maintenance and compliance.

Holding company (HC) accounting

When creating an SPV, many clients are seeking to migrate profits from other businesses. To achieve this you would need to create a Holding company to move profits into that company and then down to the SPV.


The Buy To Let Accountants can help with all the strategic advice and guidance, then create the best solution for you and help you to run the business from then on.

Limited liability Partnership

Your likely position is that at present you have several properties that you own personally, and the aim is to involve your family in the management of them, hence a revised approach.


You may therefore consider forming an LLP to house the assets and add someone as partner to the new entity.

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